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Post by Zeus on Sat Feb 13, 2016 5:10 pm

My steam ID is ツⓏⓔⓤⓢ™.

My Name Is Cole.

I do have a working Mic.

In game nickname is Zues.

I am 14 Years old.

Each day i am on for atleast 2 hours depending on how much homework i have.

I am Usally on during 4 to 9 eastern time depending on sports.

I would improve it by being on alot and just making the server a better place.

No one has access to my account.

I have 2 accounts the first one i played on for a long time so i have 1000 hours and on this one 100 hours. But i have experience in the game.

I do not have a mumble but it does not seem that hard to get so i will get one.

I have not had mod on anyother server but have been close friends will many mod on other server that have tought me stuff about it.

I live in the US.

Im a nice guy and will help the server grow with having my friends to join. I am fair and will not do anything uncalled for. I have a great personality and will translate that onto the server.

If my friend were to be breaking the rules i would first tell them to stop and if they didnt i will ask nicely for them to leave the server and if they didnt and kept on doing what they were doing i would kick them myself. If they came back on i would probs ban then if they kept doing the bad things.

If another mod was abusing his powers i would ask them to stop and if i couldnt do anything about it i would contact a high Staff then me and show them what he is doing wrong.

If i were to come across a hacker i would go to spectate and watch them very carfully and make sure if they are hacking and if they are i would ban then from the server.

Idk what u really mean by backround info but i have never been a mod on a server but have been very close friends with many mods or admins.

I am responsible to keep the server save of hackers and toxic people and make friends and get people to get their friends onto the server to have a great time.

I am a pretty chill gun when it comes to csgo i like most people the are not being rude to me. on a scale from 1-10 i would rate myself a 8.5.

I would approach them by being nice and not coming in screaming at the server i would try to get the person to stop whatever he is doing and if he doesnt i will ask him to leave and if he does not leave i will kick him from the server. You need to go into everys problem with a positive attitude so that the person do not get scared and freak out.

Thx for reading my Staff app and i hope that in the near future i will have Modoretor by my name on VoucH.

This server has really helped in meeting new friends and very awesome people i hope you keep this server up and with me i will help make it the best it can be.


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