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Ekay for moderator/admin

Post by Ekay on Sun Feb 14, 2016 1:26 am

Quick questions
- Steam:ID?
- Full name?
Brandon Martin
- Do you have a working microphone?
- In game nickname?
- Steam name?
- How old are you?
- How long are you on each day?
6-8 hours
- What hours during the day are you available to play.
3-8 pacific most days
- How would you improve the server?
bring a positive and friendly attitude as well as be a fair and just argument finisher
- Do other people have access to your account?
- How many hours do you have on CSGO?
1400 across 3 accounts and 930 on my main
- Do you have Mumble?
- Do you have any experience on any other servers? If so please name server.
- What country are you in?
United States
- How will you affect the community of VoucH gaming.
i will train anyone who asks me to
Longer Questions ( Go very in-depth)

- If your friend were to be breaking rules what would you do?
Ban them/Warn them according to the rules
- If another staff member was abusing given powers what would you do?
Report them
- What would you do if someone were to come across a hacker?
i'd double check that he is hacking then perma-ban him
- Background information?
Team player, High cs Skill, Part of NodeClan, Youtuber
- Responsibility?
- Maturity?
high when not goofing around, i am not a prick either
- How would you approach common situations?
depends on the situation

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