VIP Information | 2/12/2016

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VIP Information | 2/12/2016

Post by Admin on Tue Feb 09, 2016 1:26 am

What is VIP?
-VIP's are players who have donated to VoucH to keep us and our servers alive.

What do i get with VIP?
-Ultimate recognition by players with the In-Game [VIP] Tag
-Basic Player Commands using /admin from sourcemod
-Basic Chat Colors
-Custom Skin Models

How much is VIP?
- It costs $5 Per month.
- Or costs $10 for three months.

Current VIP's
- Squillium $10 2/9/16
- Skadoodle $10 2/10/16
- ✘Thiger✘ $5 2/7/16
- loli $10 2/12/16

How can I pay?
-We accept CSGO skins, as well as Paypal/Creditcard donations that go straight into the NFO servers account that CANNOT leave the account and can ONLY pay for the servers. We appreciate you.


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