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Azzio For Moderator

Post by AzzioCSGO on Tue Feb 23, 2016 3:21 pm

- Azzio Csgo, 76561198181919285 is my steam 64 id

- Nicos Haines

- No

- Azzio

- AzzioCSGO

- 16

- 4-6 Hours

- 4PM to ~8:30 pm on week days (Central Time)
- I can Help teach people, solve issues and also I am good at telling the truth and being able to see if some one is hacking/toggling
- My little brother once in a blue moon, he only plays team fortress 2 on it though

- ~100

- Never Heard of it

- Yes, I used to host a rust server, but i shut it down


- I will help remove trolls,griefers and hackers

Longer Questions ( Go very in-depth)

- I would tell them to stop, if they don't either kick them for ~30 until I am told to ban them or not

- I would tell doug or snoopy/admins and let them know, and tell everyone in the server to be weary if they get kicked/banned from that person
- I would spectate them for a while, investigate there account, then if there is alot of evidence of them hacking, ban them or kick for a week until further notice

- I am a 16 year old boy who likes to help people, get rid of mean/rude people and play alot of video games

- Very responsible (Student of the year once, also Beta Club President before)

- Very, around 17-18 years (IMO)

- If you mean a common situation as if some one was hacking, I would investigate, then temp kick them until i have 100% proof, then ban them. If some one was spamming or being racist/sexist, I would gag them for 30 minutes, and if it repeats 2 hours, and if it goes on after that, perma-mute unless told other wise.


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