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Animax for Moderator

Post by Animax on Fri Mar 11, 2016 4:40 pm

1) STEAM_0:1:70949268
2) Justin Garrow
3) Yes
4) Rev Inferno
5) secretagentstanely
6) 13
7) As long as I can (Also depends if people are on, but I will be on as much as I can)
8.) I am able to play from 3pm -7/8pm on week days and 10am to when ever on week ends
9) I would stop rude players and invite people to comeplay by making videos and posting pictures and tweets about this website the steam group and the severs
10) No people do no have access to my account
11) 335 hours
12) No I dont but if it required I would be happy to download it
13) No I dont but I have had some expirience on some other games but only as minor ranks that arent really for the community
14) United States
15) I will make sure that I keep everyone on there feet and make sure that this community is a good community and keep everything running
16) If my friend was breaking the rules first I would give a warning and if it went passed the first warning I would kick them for the second time and if it goes passed the kick from the server I would ban them
17) If a staff member is breaking the rules I would bring it to a higher rank and if I can handle it my self (Bringing it to the higher staff) I would private message a higher staff member about the abused powers I would explain the problem and why they should get kicked or banned (Handling it my self) I would find the problem and I would demote them or kick them or ban them depending on how bad the problem is.
18) If someone was to come across a hacker I would make sure to perma ban them and completely block them from the community if I have the power to keep the community safe and hacker free
19) I have a Mac so I will crash sometimes but I can run for a really long time when I dont crash, I have skype and I might have TS3 for communicators but I will download Mumble if I have to
20) I will make sure that I get everything done that is told and if I plan to do something I will but if I dont have time to do what it is that it told I will make sure to let people know that I have to postpone what is supposed to be done
21) I can be very mature most of the time but when Im not its in a fun matter and I will normally calm down after a few minutes or so it wouldnt be a problem.

Thank you for reading, if I dont get accepted in its fine, I completely understand but being accepted in would be amazing and I would try my hardest and make sure that im not a bad member. Thank you for reading!


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