Mvpgman1425's Moderator Application

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Mvpgman1425's Moderator Application

Post by Mvpgman1425 on Thu Mar 24, 2016 1:37 pm

- Steam:ID?:

- Full name?:
Daniel E. Carlson

- Do you have a working microphone?
I have a professional studio microphone so I can assure that the things I state are clear enough to for people to hear

- In game nickname?

- Steam name?

- How old are you?

- How long are you on each day?
4 hours

- What hours during the day are you available to play.
4 PM to 8 PM Mountain Time

- How would you improve the server?
I can improve this server by helping with stopping people who are breaking the rules and hopefully bring an active and fun community.

- Do other people have access to your account?

- How many hours do you have on CSGO?
800 on my smurf and 700 on my main (Yes, that is correct)

- Do you have Mumble?
I can easily download and install it.

- Do you have any experience on any other servers? If so please name server.

Yes, I have one but it was over a year ago. I don't remember the name of it but I can dedicate my time to finding it if it is still active.

- What country are you in?
United States

- How will you affect the community of VoucH gaming.
I will hopefully affect the community by stopping all cheaters. I'm very robust when it comes to finding them because the time I've been playing this game and my past history which I would like to talk to the owner or a lead admin about.

Longer Questions ( Go very in-depth)

- If your friend were to be breaking rules what would you do?
It depends on what the situation is. In normal procedure I would nicely tell him to stop whatever rule he is breaking and explain that rule in further depth if needed, then I will prompt him to re-read the rules that are stated when joining the server. If he continues to do it, I will kick him from the game and give him a message of when he is kicked saying what rule he has broke. If he continues to break it, I will temporally ban him from the server, the length depending on which rule he is breaking.

- If another staff member was abusing given powers what would you do?
I would report it to a higher up staff member or the owner of the server.

- What would you do if someone were to come across a hacker?
I would go to spectator mode and closely watch what is doing, since hacking is usually a perma-ban, I need to be 100% sure he is hacking. I will watch him for a couple of rounds, games if needed and then go over what I saw and depending on that, perma-ban him.

- Background information?
I like physical activity, gaming, learning new things, and socializing with people. I would say I do well in school. I have started playing a lot of different genres of game since I was around 6-7 years old. Later taking on the xbox for about 4 years then giving up on that to learn more about the computer. I have built my own computer, experimenting with a lot of things, thus giving me knowledge about a lot of applications and services. After all that, I grew in love with technology related to Computers, thus why I am taking Computer Science and Web design. I love to talk to people with sarcasm but when needed to, talk professionally. helped me with that in many ways, I learned how many different people talk and how to handle certain situations of argument. With that, that made me always wanting to become a figure of a person that can help them and somebody that they can trust.

- Responsibility?
I am responsible to watching over the server on the times I am due to watch over it.

- Maturity? I am 16 but I have the maturity of an adult in serious situations.

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