FadeAway's application

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FadeAway's application

Post by FadeZ on Tue Mar 29, 2016 1:14 pm

Steam:ID? STEAM_0:0:94774726

- Full name? Evan Pregenzer

- Do you have a working microphone? yes

- In game nickname? FadeAway

- Steam name? fadezpvper

- How old are you? 16

- How long are you on each day? 5-8 hours

- What hours during the day are you available to play. The afternoon to night

- How would you improve the server? By making it a enjoyable to play on and talk with the players that are playing on the server and bring the server to life

- Do other people have access to your account? no

- How many hours do you have on CSGO?

- Do you have Mumble? no but I can get it

- Do you have any experience on any other servers? If so please name server. no I do not

- What country are you in? U.S.A

- How will you affect the community of VoucH gaming. By making it positive server and keeping it under control
Longer Questions ( Go very in-depth)

- If your friend were to be breaking rules what would you do? I would first ask him not to and if he does not listen I will go ahead and ban him

- If another staff member was abusing given powers what would you do? I would tell the head admin and or owner of the server.

- What would you do if someone were to come across a hacker? I would watch the person that is so called hacking to see if he is hacking or not hacking. If he was hacking I would then ban him if necessary

- Background information? I am friends with most the admins and mods and the owners of the server. I have been on csgo for a while now. I play sports and sometimes watch over my younger siblings

- Responsibility? Good

- Maturity? Very good but can be silly if needed


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