Homie Eric for Mod/Admin

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Homie Eric for Mod/Admin

Post by Homie Eric on Thu Feb 25, 2016 7:28 pm

- Steam:-pg- Homie Eric

- Full name: Eric Liu

- Do you have a working microphone? Yes

- In game nickname? -pg-Homie Eric

- Steam name?-pg-Homie Eric

- How old are you?14

- How long are you on each day?depends, usually 2 hours-3-

- What hours during the day are you available to play.7-10pm east coast and 9-10pm east coast

- How would you improve the server?honestly its good right now

- Do other people have access to your account?nope

- How many hours do you have on CSGO?70(i play lots of fps tho)

- Do you have Mumble?no idea what dat is

- Do you have any experience on any other servers? i play random jailbreak, surf, and comp/casual servers

- What country are you in?Canada

- How will you affect the community of VoucH gaming.i will try my best to help people and be as positive as i can

Longer Questions ( Go very in-depth)

- If your friend were to be breaking rules what would you do?i would talk to him at first. if he still does it ill warn him, then if he ignores my warning ill just punish him according to rules

- If another staff member was abusing given powers what would you do?tell higher level staff

- What would you do if someone were to come across a hacker?report him first, and then try to convince him to stop, then ill just punish him according to rules

- Background information? student, thats currently studying in grade 9. im a nerd that plays games

- Responsibility?i will be responsible for the jobs im supposed to do and try my best to do more than that

- Maturity?i am a really casual guy who laughs and screams all the time. but when i have to get serious, i will.

- How would you approach common situations?depends on what kinds. if someones being toxic then ill tell him to shut up. if someones just not trying, ill try to get him to try, im a generally positive guy.

Homie Eric

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